MFA Thesis

My M.F.A. thesis shows a metaphorical interpretation of rebirth and the alteration one may take in rewriting their own history.  We have all come from the womb and our junctures of growth are uniquely ours within the environmental circumstances that surround us. Although I focus on the female form and am interested in having an audience for women’s health, mind, body, and soul, I also am focused on the regenerative process one may take in reawakening themselves into new patterns of life. The compilation of this work shows various developmental phases of a female figure in fetal position while in utero, being transformed through lines, patterns, and textures of various natural and tactile fibers such as linen, wood, paper, and plaster.  I wish for my audience to experience a visceral connection, one of strength and perseverance, when viewing the signs, symbols, and images of my art; which hold a universal experience inside the psychological and physiological stages of life.   



Art Meets Fashion

In 2011, I was involved with San Diego Visual Arts Network to create runway looks that connected art with fashion.  There were eleven collaborative groups of four combining talents of San Diego’s top of the field artists, fashion designers, documenters, and educators.



Myth of the West - San Diego Airport Exhibition

In 2012, San Diego International Airport sent a call out to artists to enter submissions for a juried exhibition on the theme Myth of the West. This exhibition showed in San Diego National Airport from 2013-2014.