My M.F.A. thesis shows a metaphorical interpretation of rebirth and the alteration one may take in rewriting their own history. This compilation of work shows various developmental phases of the female figure; profiles of fetal position done in wood, three dimensional line sculptures crafted in linen of the spine, pelvis, and womb, and gauze plaster casts of the upper body decoupaged in colorful paper with areas cut away from the torso to reveal sections of the skeletal anatomy.  My experience is a visceral connection, one of strength and perseverance when viewing the signs, symbols, and images of my art; which hold a universal experience inside the psychological and physiological stages of life.  

When constructing my linen sculptures, I tightly wrap waxed linen around a jute core which makes a strong yet flexible line, much like the consistency of wire, which I can bend and form into the structure I desire. I, then, stitch it in place and continue this method of coiling till I reach the desired outcome. On my flat wooden forms, I trace an outline of the figure, cut, and sand the wood, then I draw various patterns of lines and dots and burn them onto the surface.  For me, as a process artist, it is the physical act of drawing, burning, or sculpting lines and forms that I find myself in an introspective trance; one that carries me away to another place and time through the rhythmical practice of a repetitious cadence while manipulating my materials.  


The skills I perform while crafting my sculptural bodies of art, and the natural fibrous materials I choose offer me a sensual, sensorial feel in my hands that become an extension of the gestures of my body.  The designs I fashion in my artworks whether burned, stitched, drawn, coiled, or constructed into three dimensional sculptures become a symbolic language for me.  The inscriptions are a soothing dialect, and the development of transforming my medium is a meditative, ceremonial, and a flowing state of motion.  My work speaks of renewal and liberation from the oppression of childhood trauma by redirecting my own path in restructuring the cellular makeup of the story of my life; it declares hope, persistence, and determination.